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ABOUT US - Back To Marketing LLC. is a digital marketing agency formed in the state of Georgia in April of 2018 and located in Norcross, GA.  We work with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who invest $300-$3000/month in their advertising and marketing objectives.  The vision and leadership for Back To Marketing are provided by Founding Member Marcus Davis who is a Digital Marketing Expert with over a decade of experience in consulting, web design, advertising and social media management for small businesses.


On the social media front, Marcus currently has over 24,000 followers on Twitter, 5,000 Facebook friends, and over 17,000 LinkedIn connections that help solidify his Influencer status on multiple platforms.  He is also the author of the book titled, “Inside the Mind of a Gemini” which he self-published through his All-Positive music and video promotion company Dreams Made Real Inc. in 2011.  In May 2017, Marcus joined Optimus Real Estate Brokers as an exclusive contractor to do advertising on Facebook as well as social media management for dozens of their real estate agents.  It was the demand of his clients who wanted Marcus to work for their family and friends that gave him the idea to start Back to Marketing LLC.  After a year with Optimus, his contract ended and and by June 1, 2018, Back To Marketing was open for business.  We specialize in Advertising Management, Social Media Management, Website Design, and Consulting. 



    Back to Marketing LLC has been an instrumental part of my businesses success.  Their management of my social media presence has increased the number of customers I've reached in the last 6 months by 225%.  This represents a significant financial increase to my company's bottom line.  Marcus is informative and patient and sensitive to my marketing budget.

  • Listen to Marcus Cha ching$.

  • Marcus has done wonders for my social media presence.  He took great care to listen to my needs, wants and desires to help me reach my target market.  Marcus is very responsive and works hard to accommodate specific timeframes.  I highly recommend Marcus for all your Marketing needs.

  • Marcus has a complete understanding of the reach of social media.  It's an enormous talent and he puts it to use.  I look forward to working with him for quite a while.

  • My company hired Back To Marketing LLC to help with my FB marketing campaign about a year ago.  I am very pleased with the results.  His marketing strategy has generated close to 500 leads so far.  Marcus is very knowledgeable about internet marketing.  He will make it work whatever the budget.  He is responsive to your needs and thorough in his approach.

  • Marcus and his team are Awesome at advertising and marketing!  They have done a great job for me and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an expert.

  • Great help in my Online presence! Love the strategy and execution.

  • I've been using Back to Marketing LLC for my real estate Ad campaign for a while and I have been very happy with my results.  Marcus is a very knowledgeable professional.  He explained the system to me (because I wanted to know how it worked).  I feel confident that I can leave all in his hands and get the results that I need.


Why Choose Us?

Back to Marketing LLC was designed with your company in mind.  Marketing online can be quite tricky without the right marketing agency to provide guidance, experience, and knowledge.  Our team is here to help you succeed online using proven techniques and technologies combined with solid managing avenues that bolster your marketing efforts.


We can be your guide to effective advertising and social media management as you focus on what you do best.  Let our years of research and experience work for you to reach new customers while maintaining contact with your established cliental.  At Back to Marketing we promise to provide the best in management and consulting services at rates affordable to our clients.  Our excellent customer service doesn’t hurt either.  We spend the necessary time to answer all of your questions, and we’ll even explain things to you step by step until you are comfortable with what you are doing.  We meet you at your level before taking you to new heights.


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