The Rise of Digital Advertising

Advertising is no longer business as usual.  More advertisers and business owners are investing less into traditional advertising channels such as print media, TV, radio and billboards.  These channels continue to play a vital role in consumer consumption, but there’s no denying the growing shift of attention to digital advertising.  Digital media, which includes the use of social media, mobile apps, internet videos and web browsing, has become the leading way that content is consumed.  As a result, more brands are realizing the importance of having an internet-based advertising strategy.

The rapid increase in the use of digital advertising has altered the way business is done.  Having a strong and consistent online presence is no longer an advertising option.  It should be an essential part of a business’ marketing plan.  When talking about digital advertising, Google and Facebook dominate the space.  In 2015, about 49 percent of the total digital advertising revenue in the United States was accounted for by Google and Facebook.  They also accounted for more than 50 percent of the overall mobile advertisement sales.

One of the reasons Google and Facebook continue to lead in digital advertising is that businesses want to advertise with companies who consumers already know and use frequently.  According to the Pew Research Center, over 70% of adult internet users use Facebook while 70% of all Facebook users logging in daily.  Google’s Youtube has surpassed Television in hours watched each day.  They also provide great marketing tools for local advertisers.  With Google’s local search marketing tool, brands that have previously struggled with local SEO can boost their chances of increasing local leads and conversions.  This tool helps to put brands' advertisement links in front of the geo-appropriate web browsers.  Facebook provides a similar marketing tool for regional and local brands.  With Facebook’s audience targeting, ads can be shown to specific people by age, gender, location, interests, job titles, and many other traits.

Businesses that are looking to get into digital advertising with the following goals can’t avoid advertising with either Google or Facebook:

  • Increasing their brand’s presence online
  • Improving and boosting their customer base
  • Increasing the inbound traffic to their website
  • Getting more leads and engagement
  • Improving Return On Investment
  • Increasing the conversion rates
  • Being a step ahead of your competitors.

Digital advertising is easily the fastest growing type of advertising, and we believe that it’s also the most effective due to advanced targeting methods as well as an abundance of analytics.  With the right ads manager, you can reach the exact audience that you wish or discover who is the perfect type of customer for your product or service.  If you choose to do your advertising yourself, then there are many online resources and tools for you to take advantage of.  Facebook has Blueprint which offers free courses online.  Google has a similar free service for Adwords.  Of course, you can learn anything from Youtube videos also.   

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