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Advertising Management Services


Advertising Management is a complicated process which is carefully designed to control all activities that are related to creating and monitoring an advertisement.  This way the ad reaches the correct audience with a specific call to action, the product or service is accurately promoted, and the advertising budget is utilized efficiently.  Digital Advertising - which includes the use of search engines, social media, mobile apps, internet videos, graphics, websites and blogs - has become the fastest growing way of reaching consumers who are spending more and more time on their cell phones and other mobile devices.  As a result, advertisers as well as business brands are diverting their marketing expenditure away from TV, radio, print, and other traditional forms of advertising to an internet-based inbound marketing strategy.


We can't discuss Digital Advertising Management Services without mentioning that Google and Facebook are the two giant tech companies dominating the Market.  In 2017, well over 50 percent of the total digital advertising revenue in the United States was accounted for by Google and Facebook alone.  Amazon's ads followed by Snapchat's advertising are starting to hit the radar and are expected to reach a combined 4% market share this year.  Search engines like Bing and Yelp still offer valuable advertising services also.  We recommend that our clients advertise on the most popular platforms (which also tend to have the most consumers), but we will create and manage ads on any platform for you.

Advertising Services


    1 Great Ad Campaign

    We'll Create/Test/Manage 1 Ad
    $200/Month Advertising Strategy Will Run 2 Ad Tests 1 Monthly KPI Report Phone Support Available

    Advertising Manager

    We'll Manage up to 3 Campaigns
    $500/Month Advertising Strategy Will Run 2 Ad Tests/Ad 1 Monthly KPI Report Phone Support Available
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