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Marketing Consulting Services


Most businesses would benefit from a specialized consultant's break down of certain aspects of its business model.  It can only add to a company’s intelligence to have a totally objective expert give their analysis, even if it confirms the current strategy.   We are digital marketing experts with over a decade of experience, and we offer our services to small businesses and entrepreneurs to boost their performance.


We evaluate your website(s), social media profiles, content, emails, direct mail, or any of your marketing channels.  We use experience, research, and new technologies to offer the best solutions.  We recommend marketing related tools, apps, and software for you to use.  We'll show you how they work and give you an overall strategy to pursue that will noticeably enhance your efforts.  This is done via live webinar (with you and/or your team) for our long distance clients while those in the Atlanta Metro Area have the option of us visiting your office.  Our Marketing Consulting Services clients also get 3 months free trial access to our Private Content Membership.  Take advantage of our current Consulting Special!  Right now, you can get a 3 Hour Digital Marketing Analysis with Recommendations for Only $225!  Visit our Store to Learn More.


Consulting Services


    Marketing Analysis

    3 Hour Analysis with Recommendations
    $225 3 Hour Webinar Look at Marketing Channels Discuss Issues Make Recommendations

    Marketing Coach

    10 Hours/Month with an Expert
    $600/mo. One-on-One Training Identify What's Working Identify What's Not Working Develop Strategy to Increase Sales

    Marketing Consultant

    20 Hours/Month with an Expert
    $1000/mo. One-on-One Training Identify What Is and Isn't Working Develop Strategy to Increase Sales Help With Strategy Execution
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